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Ravecraft 2018

Vocal Shame
Guitar Atsuya
Bass 亜季
Guitar Shoji
Keybord T

Ravecraft is a Japanese rock band, originally a duo unit by Vo. shame and Gt.Atsuya.

Recently, Gt.Shoji Lucas and keyboard Jun Takagi who have supported Vo. Shame’s solo music activity start to join for music production. 

Bass Aki and Drum Death-O who have been supporting Ravecraft live performances recent years aslo became the member for sound generator production.

From May 2018, Ravecraft will restart with a new team to perform live and to release new sound source.

Ravecraft レイブクラフト レイヴクラフトロックバンド ヴィジュアル JRock,Shame シェイム Dope HEADz XJAPAN PATA HEATH INA hide,敦也 空【ku:】,亜季 Sadie AXESSORY AKI,デスヲ DEATH-O 吉川 修 TAKE NO BREAK NIGHTMARE,Shoji D`ERLANGER Fix DIE IN CRIES Ladies Room FAME 清春 黒夢 SADS CAVE,
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